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I am also available for special projects that are limited only by your imagination! I have completed projects ranging from book illustration and TV animation to "bobblehead" tech-renderings and wall-sized murals! Ask for a free quote.

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I'll be happy to talk with you, answer any questions, provide availability and a free quote!


I Create GIFTS from Your photos and ideas!

Guided by the images and ideas you provide, each lighthearted 11" X 14" piece is worked up individually, refined and inked. Then if you've chosen color, finished in your choice of no-smear pastel or beautiful airbrush suitable for a framed presentation! When you order, I'll send you a simple Q and A to fill me in on the details to capture your recipient to a tee.  Attach your photos, send it off.  Each caricature is custom-created, hand-drawn and colored using no computer / scanner trickery.  Production / delivery time two weeks on average. Single-subject pricing from $25.00 Pen and Ink (b & w), $35.00 Pastel, $50.00 AIrbrush.  Additional faces and detailed backgrounds by quote. Packaging, shipping charges and sales tax may apply.